Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm sorry I said it...

L'artiste did it again. Drew me with these stupid fairy wings, and I AM NOT AMUSED! I suppose its a bit foolish to question ones creator. That tends to come back at you. Georgina if you read this you are wonderfully creative, stunningly beautiful, ummmmmmm shoot what else? Oh yeah...exceptionally generous, kind, intelligent, loving and forgiving!

Oh come on, don't make me beg! Begging is extreamely undignified for a feline! I didn't mean it when I said I think you may be crazy! You're sane ok?

Yes! Thats better. No wings and I even have Mousie! I love Mousie! He's my best friend, except Teddy. I do chew on him....but he is full of catnip so who can blame me?

Midnight the Wonder Cats Blog

Welcome to the personal blog of the one and only, Midninght the Wonder Cat. This blog details the daily adventures of me, Midnight the Wonder Cat. Why Wonder Cat? Cuz thats the title l'artiste gave me. Why did she do that? How should I know? I'm a painting. L'artiste sells me on ebay. Why? I think she may be crazy...don't tell her I said so, or she'll draw me with those stupid wings again. What kind of person puts halloween fairy wings on a cat?

Oh no! I hear thunder! I'm outta here!