Saturday, November 24, 2007

Midnights' Plea

I'm not a bad cat, but sometimes I do bad things. I don't think that is fair that Santa can withhold catnip (and mousies, and scratching posts, and cheese, and fishes, and cat treats from me). I don't do anything that any normal house cat wouldn't do! Why would I care whether the drapes are new or not? I love to climb! (BTW thanks l'artist for the new drapes, they are much easier to get my claws into then the old ones.) So all I'm saying is why does a human who lives in the North Pole get to decide whether I get catnip? I have never even met the guy! Its a well known fact that I need catnip! I need catnip like Teddy needs me to fall asleep. Its just a fact. So please Santa, when you come down the chimney this year don't forget the catnip.

P.S. My human wouldn't give me cookies so I left you fish and milk. (I only ate a little)

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Beth Niquette said...

LOL OOooh, this is just adorable!!! LOL Fills my eyes it does. Wonderful blog!